You've now reached the end of our journey. Thank You for You interest! We hope You have found it worthwhile.

If You still have some strength left, we'll recommend You to continue still a little way, though: If You walk down Jordbruksveien some one kilometre until arriving in Olav V gate, You will be situated at one end of the British, temporary airstrip from the May days of 1940. Look towards Norwegian Aviation Museum and You'll be looking down the airstrip. It ends right behind the Aviation Museum, approximately where the mall City Nord is situated today.
In the crossroad Gamle Riksvei / the gateway to City Nord lay the British fighter plane which wrecked itself trying to ascend May 26. If You pop by Norwegian Aviation Museum You may see just such a plane: a Gloster Gladiator.
Stort Bilde
At the same time You'll find Yourself, at Stormyra, right in the middle of German occupied Bodø. But that's another story.
Tilbake til Innholdsfortegnelsen

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The exhibition is made by Karl L. Kleve and Dag Thue Berg, translated to English by Karl L. Kleve and prepared for the web by Andreas Hagen. The photos are prepared electronically by Linda Furre.

It is made after a city-walk by the same name, and can be found also as a booklet. The booklet cost NOK 10,-, and may be bought in the museum store. Both this web exhibition and the city-walk are part of the marking of the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Bodø May 27. 1940.

We have got photos from many kind sources: Norwegian Aviation Museum, Dag Thue Berg, Nordland County Museum, Bodø War History Group, Knut Isaksen, Egil Johnson, Harald Rubach, and others. The map of Bodø before the war is from 1929, and with the original in the archive of the city surveyor, the town of Bodø. We have copied it from Berg, Oscar. Folk og hus i gamle Bodø. Bodø 1984.

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