Post 7: Fridthjov Anderssens vei / Rensåsgaten

Stort Bilde

Stort Bilde
Here You may see the area after bombing. The union house, House of the People, is in the upper left.
You're now arriving Fridthjov Andersens vei. This street constituted originally the upper part of Havnegaten, which before the war started in Sjøgaten and ended by Parkveien.

Look inwards Rensåsgaten. On Your nearest corner the house of telecommunication electrician Todal was situated with front against Fridtjov Anderssens vei (then Havnegaten). Within this house was the "Fram" community house. There cinema owner Jørgensen opened up his first cinema, and he took with him the "Fram"-name when he later on made the cinema in Storgaten.

The next house was owned by the wheelwright, Brembo, and the last house on this row used to be called the "Castle of Bliss". On the right of the house of Todal a vertically divided house was situated a bit aslant. On the side closest to the street there lived secretary Henning Engen with his family. The other side was inhabited by office manager Alvsaker and his family. Over the roof of the Todal house we may see the house of master builder Karlsen.

All these buildings were hit by fire bombs. Just the foundation walls were left standing. The larger house of the Engen and Alvsaker families was remade pretty soon, though. A classroom for the high and junior high school was also included.

If You turn Your head left, You may see:

The union house (the house of the People), raised in the end of the thirties. This building too, were hit, but restored during the summer of 1940. On the first floor two class rooms for the high and junior high school were made. But after a few months the Germans requisitioned the entire building to use as, among other things an officers casino.

Walk down Fridthjov Anderssens vei to Fredensborgveien. Make a stop in the crossroad.
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