Temporary Exhibitions
  "Japanese Kites""

8th September - 25th November 2008

Kites have been the subject of the life of the Japanese for centuries.
This collection of 40 Japanese kites from different times and kite makers throughout Japan is one of the most colorfully delightful displays to introduce visitors to the art and culture of the Japanese.
The exhibition is produced by The Drachen Foundation, Seattle, USA.

"Meteorites - a greeting from outer space"

10th September - 26th November 2007

An exhibition of exciting facts about meteorites, landings and craters.

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Spacestation Nordland

21st January - 31st March 2007

This was part of the project “The Cultural Rucksack” organised by Nordland County Council in autumn 2006. Approximately 200 young students from Fauske and Rognan have made their own version of how outer space may look. You can see the Earth seen from above, different planets, stars and perhaps the shadow of an alien?

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RYMDEN C - 39 mil over havet

1st September - 30th November 2006

«RYMDEN C - 390 km in space» will let you feel what it would be like to be an astronaut on board ISS, the International Space Station.
Experience spinning around in weightlessness, try out a workstation or examine the space toilet and shower! Try working out on the training cycle, with a fantastic view of Tellus, or take a nap in space - standing upright!

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Small is Beautiful
A journey through the micro-cosmos

16th February - 31st May

This exhibition is photograph through a electronic microscope at the University of Tromsø.

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Do you want a laugh?

7th December - 20th April

Then the new exhibition at the Norwegian Aviation Museum is for you!
Laughter in the air!

An aircraft mad Professor from Oslo Handel’s college, Tore Lund, began collecting aviation jokes. The exhibition “Laughter in the air” is a compilation of these.

“Baghdad and Infinity”

6th September - 30th November 2004
19th August - 31st October 2005

Enjoy solving riddles, cracking codes, solving practical assignments, games? Then this exhibition is something for you!
You can do all this and more, set in am oriental-inspired surrounding with bazaar tent and Persian rugs.  “Baghdad and Infinity” is full of challenges for you to solve, perhaps unwittingly, using mathematics.

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Kvaster på såret 

28th April - 7th August 2005

”Kvaster på såret” er en vandreutstilling laget av Tromsø Museum. Det er en fargerik og flott utstilling. Den viser hvordan folk i Nord-Norge skaffet seg mat og medisin ved hjelp av gammel kunnskap om lokale planter.
Utstillingen forteller også hvordan den tradisjonelle kunnskapen om plantenes kraft danner basis for både moderne farmasi, alternativ medisin og vårt daglige kosthold.

“Lighter than Air”

24th March - 29th August 2004

The exhibition “Lighter than Air- the dream of flight” will encourage creativity and the same time tell us how our dream of flight has evolved during time.
The exhibition is aimed mainly for children and teenagers, but adults will also enjoy this exhibition.  It is a mixture of fanciful sculptures of the first attempt of flight and today’s advanced technology. Natures own fantastic solutions on how we can fly, is shown from the world of birds and insects.

The exhibition is constructed by The Swedish National Exhibition dept.


Internet exhibition: To the Sky?
Aviation pioneer Einar Sem-Jacobsen's photographs from Norwegian and European aviation
circa 1909-1918

The 17th of December 2003 will mark the one hundred years that have passed since the Wright brothers took off from the surface of the Earth with the first flying machine. With a flight of 36.6 metres in the course of 12 seconds, the brothers flew into history. The exhibition To the Sky? is one of the contributions from the Norwegian Aviation Museum that celebrates 100 years of flight. We have taken the liberty to shift the focus from the Wright brothers in the USA - to Europe and Norway to look at what was happening here in the years after the first powered flight on wings in 1903.

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“Mysterious China”

from 2nd of September until 31st of October 2003 

For thousands of years, China has been a country of mystery and excitement. Goods, such as silk, bamboo and tea fascinated Europeans. How is silk produced? Were there really dragons in China?
Silkworms, tea bushes and fossils of dinosaur bones, are just some of the exhibits you’ll see in this fascinating exhibition. China is a country full of contrasts and natural phenomena’s. The hunt for dragons has given us a sensational insight about theorigin of birds.
The exhibition is intended for both adults and children of all ages
To find out more about the exhibition, visit www.toyen.uio.no/kina

"SOS Italia"

17th June - 10th August 2003

Photography exhibition about the dramatic crash of the airship “Italia” in the Artic, with Umberto Nobile on board and the disappearance of Roald
Amundsen as he searched for it. The exhibition
shows in a diary presentation, what happened after the crash and the worldwide search and
rescue to find Nobile

From the introduction to the exhibit:
75 years ago the airship Italia flew to the North Pole under command of General Umberto Nobile.
During the return flight the airship crashed on the pack ice. This exhibit has been arranged to honour
Norway’s Polar explorers Roald Amundsen and Leif Dietrichson and all those brave men who lost their
lives in the attempt to rescue the surviving Italia expedition members in distress on the ice. A total
of 23 airplanes, 16 ships and 1.400 men from eight countries were involved in the rescue
operations between May and October 1928.
This photo exhibit has been prepared by the Polar historian Dr. Fred Goldberg. The ambition is to
give a short summary of the major events around the airship disaster and the following search and
rescue operations. Some of the events are well documented and some not. Therefore the photographs have not been chosen for their quality but for their motif and historical significance.

March - June 2003

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“The Big 5”
13th October - 23rd December 2002

A collection of photographs about the 5 largest predators in the Nordic Countries: Wolves, Bears, Lynx, Wolverine and Humans!! 

This exhibition allows you to learn more about animals and the debate around them. Seeing humans as a predator, gives a new insight into the debate.

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"The polar aviator, Roald Amundsen"

27th January - 31st September 2002

On the 12th of May 2001, it was 75 years ago that Roald Amundsen and his crew crossed the North Pole in the airship "Norge". It was the time the North Pole had been crossed by any form of transport.
The exhibition "Polar aviator, Roald Amundsen", is presented by The Fram Museum and includes many photographs never previously seen.
"The many faces of the cold war"

18th February 2002-  16th February 2003

The exhibition puts focus on Bodø and Nothern Norway. Relive the cold War years with the race for atomic dominance. See how the cold war influenced our culture and development of Nothern Norway's communities, through pictures, films and exhibits such as an atomic bomb, the spy, Selmer Nilsen's radio and much more.


”Aurora Borealis" - The Northern Lights

2nd September
- 1st December 2001

“Aurora Borealis” is about the fantastic natural phenomena that we here in the north of Norway can expeince during the dark months of autumn and winter.

We can offer a unique insight into natures own Light Show. The display varies from the scientific then and now, the northern lights importance in mythology and the supernatural.
And not least, the influence and inspiration on many artists.  
With a wide prospective, the exhibition try’s to build a bridge between science and nature. 

There’s also a video show with accompanying cosmic music

The Northern Lights exhibition is part of the teacher training institute’s 50th anniversary, which is being celebrated this school year in many differ ways. The exhibition is own by Andøya Rocket range and is produced by The Norwegian Technical Museum. 


Experience tropical fish

30th September - 30th November 2001

Come and see stingrays, the tree climbing fish Nils, experience the colourful fish from Africa’s lakes and enjoy the amazon’s beautiful underwater life.
The exhibition gives both large and small an unforgettable meeting of these beautiful and exciting fish in a recreation of their natural habitat.


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Glimpses from the bombing of Bodø 27. mai 1940

Virtual trip
Under the Polar Sky 
- An exhibition about the aviation pioneer Bernt Balchen 

th October 1999 - 25th April 2000

"Under the Polar Sky" aims
at rendering a complex portrait of Bernt Balchen as an individual and a pilot. The exhibition has been built up around a great number of photographs, supplemented with objects and models. The exhibition also includes five water-color paintings made by Balchen himself.

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The many faces of the Cold War
- an exhibition on the Cold War

On the occasion of NATOs 50th anniversary 1999.

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