Meet Astronaut Rex J. Walheim
at the museum!


November 5 – 7


Rex J. Walheim is an US astronaut who have worked at the International Space Station – ISS. He’ll be visiting Norsk Luftfartsmuseum November 5 – 7 and share with us his experiences as an astronaut and space walker.


Rex J. Walheim is a specialist on space walks. In April 2002, NASA astronaut Rex J. Walheim assembled equipment on the International Space Station – ISS. He used the mechanized robotic arm on space shuttle “Atlantis” as his working platform.

You may meet him at the aviation museum November 5 – 7. He will be giving a lecture on his experiences as an astronaut and space walker. He will show us what its like to stay miles away in space. What is it really like to work in zero gravity? What does an astronaut eat? How do to visit the loo in space? Is sleeping difficult for an astronaut? Is it possible to watch detailed landmarks on Earth? Is he afraid when space walking? These and other questions will be thoroughly covered in Walheim’s lecture. And what he doesn’t tell you himself, you may ask him.

Two of the lecture’s are open for a general audience, six is reserved for schoolchildren from Bodoe.


Walheim’s visit happens at the same time as the museum hosts the exhibition “Rymden C – 39 mil over havet”. This marvellous exhibition will be on display until December, and gives you, through a host of interactive and practical exercises, an impression of what’s it like on the International Space Station – ISS. We have had a lot of visitors already, not least from the schools and kinderkartens in the region. Walheim’s visit will give the exhibition another dimension.


Astronaut Sunday at the museum:

Sunday November 5


Lecture by Rex J. Walheim: 11.30 and 13.00


Ordinary museum ticket must be bought beforehand, in the reception.


Ticket’s for the lecture’s will be available from 11 o’clock on Sunday. Its not possible to order beforehand, so you are advised to be there in time.


The auditorium has app. 130 seats per lecture.


It will also be possible to meet the astronaut in the Rymden C-exhibition between 15.00 and 16.00!

"Rymden C"