In the long run the museum want to build a special pavilion housing a permanent exhibition focusing on the Cold War.

In 1999 we also made a temporary exhibition about the cold War:

"The many faces of the Cold War"

Situated in a subterranean, nuclear safe hangar from the height of The Cold War, we wanted to show some aspects of the Cold War. The Great Power politics from this tense period was presented, but the exhibition also wanted to try to portray how the Cold War affected You and me: What role did the Cold War play in the technological changes we have witnessed? What did it have to do with the changes in North-Norwegian Society? What would the town of Bodĝ have been without this superpower conflict? A division of the world in East versus West, what did it do with our culture and world view? These were some of the questions the exhibition was focusing on.

You may look closer on the exhibition here, and in the reports no 2, 3 and 4 you may read about some of the special objects we were borrowing from other museums (a nuclear bomb, among other things)

As supporters and collaborators in the work with this exhibition, we were lucky to have with us the airline Braathens, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, NAMMO Raufoss, Eurofighter and Lockheed Martin. In addition was the exhibition supported with funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, NATO HQ Brüssels and Norwegian Cultural Fund.

Rapport nr. 2
Rapport nr. 3
Rapport nr. 4