The Cold War, Military Power and the Civilian Society

Norwegian Aviation Museum has the pleasure of inviting You to the 4. Cold War conference, 12. - 13. September 2002.

In 1995 the Norwegian Aviation Museum, in co-operation with the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies and Bodø Regional University, organized its first Cold War conference. The museum has later organized two more Cold War conferences, in 1996 and 1999. In 1999 the conference was part of the national marking of the 50th anniversary of NATO. The Museum is also working on plans to establish a separate museum section dedicated to the Cold War.

The Cold War is a central part of Nordic history after World War II. It made a significant impact on political, economic and social as well as cultural development in the Nordic countries forany years. At the same time, it is a field of study in which there is still much research to be done in all the Nordic countries.

Through regular Cold War conferences, the Norwegian Aviation Museum wishes to focus on the Cold War and its impact on all aspects of society. The conferences are meant to promote interest in research into the history of the Cold War. They are intended to create a forum where historians may come together in order to present papers and projects, and participate in the exchange of ideas and opinions. They provide a meeting place for historians from different institutions and fields, where they can focus in particular on the role of the Northern areas in the Cold War. An important goal is to further the understanding of the major impact of the Cold War on different areas of society.

This years conference will focus on the following 4 areas: Nordic perspectives, Nuclear Weapons, mentality and collective recollection, and economy and society.

The lecturers are asked to submit papers or abstracts well in advance, for publication on the museum websides. Moreover, all papers will be published in a conference report which all participants will receive afterwards. Conference language is english. 

Welcome to Bodø 12. – 13. September 2002!


Within August 1: NOK. 1.000,-. After August 1: NOK 1.200,-. Students within August 1: NOK 600,-. Valid Student ID to be shown when registering.

Price includes wine reception September 11, conference dinner September 12, free entrance to the museum and the conference report.

Attendance at the pre-conference is free, but registration is recommended due to space limitations.

Registration to be sent to
Norwegian Aviation Museum
Cold War Conference
PO Box 1124
N-8001 Bodø

Fax: (+47) 75 50 78 51

Skagen Hotel are offering a special conference price: single room NOK 640,- per night breakfast included. Rooms garantied available till August 1.
Booking directly on tel. (+47) 75 52 24 00 or email booking@skagen-hotel.no

The Conference is planned by a committee consisting of Kjell M. Lutnes, Svein Lundestad, Kjetil Skogrand, Karl L. Kleve and Stian Larsen.

The Organizers wish to express their gratitude to the following for their support:
The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence, Inspector General of the Norwegian Air Force/Air Force Staff, Letterstedska Förening.