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Norways first Norseman on civilian register recovered! 

The wreckage of the first Norseman on civilian register in Norway. LN-PAB,  S.no. 44-70546 was recovered from its resting place inside the National Park of Anarjokka, North Norway the first days of august. The recovery was done by a team from the Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bodø and the wreckage was airlifted by a Sea-King helicopter belonging to 330 Sqdn. Based at Banak AFB.
The Norseman was first registered to the company Polarfly A/S based in the town of Narvik, North Norway. Operating as many as three Norsemans on floats in the northern regions of Norway until 17.th of December 1948, the Polarfly company then merged into Widerøe’s Flyveselskap. (Now Widerøes)
Thus also becoming one of the first Norsemans in use by this company, it was formally registered to Widerøe’s july 8th. 1949.
Sustaining damage in a landing accident august 17th. 1950, at Fornebu, Oslo is part of the history. Repairs completed, it was mostly operating in the northern part of Norway until hitting the shoreline when landing at the lake of Gavnevann, close to the border of Finland, September 3rd. 1952.

After the crash, technicians from the Widerøe’s Flyveselskap removed useful parts as floats, engine and instruments. The remains now recovered had surprisingly little corrosion on components and although the wooden ribs and stringers had rotted away, there is a feel at the museum that together with spare parts already collected, the wreckage will be a fine basis for a rebuild.

The recovery of this particular aircraft, links up to another project currently underway at Norsk Luftfartsmuseum. (The rebuild of a Sääski biplane) One of the shareholders of Polarfly
A/S was the aviation pioneer Gidsken Jakobsen. (Her first airplane was the Sääski.)
It is also said that LN-PAB was on duty for the Norwegian Secret Service when crashing at Gavnevann. So this Norseman is also truly a warrior from the Cold War era!

Two more Norsemans are currently on display inside museums in Norway, one at Gardermoen near Oslo and one at Sola, Stavanger.

Type: Norduyn Morseman Mk VI.
Serial: 44-70546.
C/N: 811
Built: 28.02.1945
Transferred EEurope: 29.03.1045.
Reg Polarfly A/S: LN-PAB -      17.07.1947.
Reg. Widerøe's Flyveselskap & Polarfly A/S: 08.07.1949.
Chrashed at Gavnevann: 03.09.1952.
Cancelled from register: 05.11.1953.


Oct. 29th. 2002.
The fuselage of LN-PAB taken into the workshop.

The preparations for the rebuild of LN-PAB have just started. Tuesday 29th we made space for the fuselage inside the workshop. We now have a period of making pictures of all the details still left inside the fuselage before starting the process of dismantling. From the Sola Aviation Museum we have got a parts catalog for the Norseman. This will help us a lot in the preparations.

For some of the details the process of restoring have already started. The left hand side flaps is almost ready for covering and work have started on the wing strut.

Parallel to this we will in the weeks to come have a period of collecting as much as possible of original parts. Already a surprisingly large numbers of parts have been found. (See special note.)


arch 30th. 2003.

Fuselage of LN-PAB is

being rebuilt.


Finishing the necessary corrosion treatment of the fuselage,
the damaged parts have been removed.
We now have completed the main construction in the fuselage and
the fuselage starts to look like a Norseman once more!
The tailplane is made out of wood. This part has been completely rebuilt.

Other details to go into the fuselage are restored.
The pictures are showing a good progress in the restoring of LN-PAB.
The collection of further details for the fuselage of the Norseman
is to continue this summer.




                                             1947 Polarfly

                                    Copyrights©Bengt Stangvik 2003

                                             1948  From Polarfly -> wideroe



                                      Copyrights©Bengt Stangvik 2003

                                                    1952 Wideroe

                                 Copyrights©Bengt Stangvik 2003

Parts for LN-PAB found: 

2 pilot seats: from Øyvind Ellingsen, Oslo
P&W R-1340 A-1 engine,

Carburetor intake duct:  Thore Virik, Sandefjord

Rudder + details: Erling Revheim, Ulset

Engine Cowling,
Lower Firewall,
Cabin Flooring,
Both cabin entrance doors,
Both cockpit entance doors
Oil tank cover,
Air shield aft of engine,

+ details:
Sola Aviation Museum.

A big thank you for all the valuable parts offered to us.
If you happen to have parts that will fit into the Norseman, please let us know!