Norwegian Aviation Museum - Schools Services

How can the Aviation Museum be used for educational purposes?
The Museum's exhibitions can provide examples and various approaches to a wide range of subjects and themes, and are extremely well suited to inter-disciplinary and project-related methodologies:

  • Contemporary history, local history
  • The History of Communications
  • Physics
  • Technology
  • Meteorology
  • Social and community studies (e.g. the rescue services)
  • Philosophy
  • As a starting point for projects in creative subjects (photography, drawing, etc.)

Doing assignments on the Museum premises provides the students and teaching staff with the opportunity of:

  • seeing things in context, aside from the limitations imposed by the curriculum

How can schools make practical use of the museum in an educational context?
There are several alternative ways of putting the Museum to use:

  • "Standard" museum visits, with varying degrees of preparation in advance.
  • Working on assignments on the Museum premises.
  • The Museum can provide ready-made teaching plans, but teachers and pupils can also design their own tasks themselves.
  • Preliminary assignments and completion work in conjunction with the visit to the Museum.
  • Supplementary work on topics using objects from the Museum as illustrations.
  • Theme Days, e.g. "Aviation as a hobby", "Polar Aviation", "Communications", or "The Air".
  • Combined visits in connection with a theme, e.g. to several museums, to the airport, the Armed Forces, the Civil Aviation Authority, airlines, the Search and Rescue Services, etc.

What kind of assistance can the Museum provide?

  • Teaching plans for 10-16 year olds, including preliminary assignments and completion work, and tasks to be done on the Museum premises. You will find specific exercises for most of the topics outlined above. A special booklet can be obtained on enquiry to the Museum
  • Transparencies/posters designed for primary school use with instructions about the exhibitions.
  • Instructions for teachers/pupils on how to make your own teaching plans and exercises.
  • The library also offers assistance to schools, researchers and other aviation enthusiasts. Our collection includes books, periodicals, technical manuals, reports, videos, tapes, photographs, archives, etc.
  • Guides to the exhibitions or instruction in specific topics.

Please contact our information services manager or the reception desk on tel. 75 50 78 50 or fax 75 50 78 51 for further details and bookings.

Please note that school classes are eligible for reductions in admission and aircraft simulator prices.